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The Jr. Indians Baseball Club is a non-profit volunteer organization formed exclusively to provide Mukwonago Area School Disctrict youth athletes an opportunity to develop their baseball skills and techniques, and improve their knowledge, understanding and general capabilities of the game through Club sponsored competitive team program and other instructional programs. The Club is dedicated to improve the quality of baseball played in the Mukwonago area.

  • We are the premiere select baseball program in the Mukwonago area.
  • Since our inception, more than 80% MHS baseball players in any given season were former Jr. Indians players!
  • We have teams from 3rd through 8th grade, baseball camps and indoor off-season workouts.
  • We prepare youth baseball players to compete at a higher youth level and on into high school.
  • We support and are supported by Mukwonago High School (MHS) baseball program.
  • Our Club is governed by a Board of Directors to ensure all of our programs remain strong and build the future of youth baseball in Mukwonago and at Mukwonago high school.
  • We are focused on the youth in our community.

We are proud of all our alumni and their contributions and dedication to youth baseball in our community.  We have been fortunate to have so many outstanding youth athletes go through our program.  They have had a positive impact on our Club and many of these athletes have gone on to excel in Mukwonago High School’s baseball program and in other sports.

Jr. Indians Baseball Teams

The Club has youth teams ranging from 3rd to 8th grade.  Rosters are determined through a tryout process each year in August.  The team program includes the opportunity for players to play baseball in a Fall baseball league (no conflict with youth tackle football) and participate in indoor off-season workouts that begin in the winter.  These off-season workouts are optional for players as the Club encourages youths to be multi-sport athletes although dedicated to their team during the baseball season.

Regular team practices begin around April 1st and are either indoors or outdoors as weather permits.  Jr. Indians teams play up to 20 regular season games plus tournaments through the end of July.  The National Federation of State High School (NFHS) Baseball Rules govern league and tournament games, with some modifications based on the grade/age level.

If a player is not placed on a Jr. Indians team roster, the Club strongly encourages the player to participate in other youth baseball programs and continue to play baseball.  We recongize youth players develop physically and mentally at different times during their elementary and middle school years.  So, we disband all Jr. Indians Baseball Team rosters annually after each regular season and conduct a tryout again to determine roster players for the following year’s teams.

Jr. Indians players must reside in the Mukwonago Area School District (MASD) or attend a MASD school in order to be eligible for the Team program.

Jr. Indians Off-Season Workouts

Off-season Workouts are for players that were selected to a Jr. Indians Baseball Club team during the tryout.  Players do not need to register for the Workouts, which generally begin in the winter and run through March.  The workouts are offered on various evenings depending on indoor gym availability.   Unless the Off-Season Workout session is established by the Club to finalize a team roster(s), all Workout sessions are optional.

Off-Season workouts are comprised of both “Club” and “Team” workouts.  Club Workouts are conducted by the Jr. Indians Baseball Club’s instructors and coaches through a format consistent with a baseball camp (demonstration and repetitive drill stations).  The Club Workouts focus on developing consistent and sound baseball fundamental skills, techniques, terminology and offensive & defensive strategies for all Club coaches, players and teams.  Team Workouts are conducted by a team’s head coach and his staff.  Each team’s head coach will establish his own schedule and format for each workout (indoor team practice).

Jr. Indians Fall Baseball

We offer our players an opportunity to continue to play baseball after the summer season is over through a local Fall baseball league.  The Fall baseball program does not conflict with youth tackle football.  Fall baseball teams play double-header games on Sundays from mid-August to the end of September.  Typically, the league does not have games over Labor Day weekend.  This gives our players an opportunity to continue to work on their skills through competitive games.  Generally, there is 1 practice prior to the start of the fall baseball games and thereafter, the coach may conduct optional practices for the team.  The level of interest at an age group determines whether or not a team can be formed to participate in the fall league.

Jr. Indians Baseball Club Contact Information

Please contact the Jr. Indians Baseball Club with any questions, comments or inquiries about the Club’s programs:

e-mail: jrindiansbaseball@yahoo.com

Jr. Indians Baseball Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 382
Mukwonago, WI 53149-0382

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